About us

I remember playing a card game with my big sister as kids, one I think we just made up. It was lots of fun – we played for hours. It involved being the fastest at slapping our hand down on a card when certain cards were turned over. Even though my big sis was many years older than me, I felt I had a good chance to win because I was really quick. Being younger didn’t matter. And we had fun together!

I had those same fond memories come to mind as I developed Race to the State.

ADMIT IT - whether school age or my age, we are all just big kids! And we love having fun! What is more fun than playing a game on the floor?

So, set those electronic games aside, for just a bit.
Get on the floor and slap a state.
But you gotta be quick to win Race to the State!

Oh yeah... and we are all about sneaking in some learning while having some FUN!